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Leslie Clement 


(518) 812-7770 

I have the honor to host vacationing guests who come to the Adirondack Mountains from all over the world, and who leave generous notes of thanks and lovely reviews for having had the opportunity to stay with us.  

As a carpenter/designer/builder, I had an extensive career in real estate in western Massachusetts, but when the market crashed in 2005, I moved with my daughters to the Adirondacks where my family had a rustic summer camp since 1910.  I restored the camp (Bird Camp), and winterized my grandmother's cottage next door where I live with my daughters.  As financing became available (family help then bank loans), I began to build small rental romantic cabins with beautiful mountain views on abutting land which I purchased. 

In 2015, I built four glamping tents, converted our barn into a Lodge and built a bath house.  In the years following, I built a wood fired pizza oven and a cedar hot tub temple.  

(To be clear, although I still work with my tools, these projects have been accomplished with the help of local carpenters, painters and electricians --- this was not a one woman event!)

We call this the North River Hobby Farm.  

In 2021, I purchased and restored a small cottage on the Hudson River in North Creek which we call Riverfront Cottage.   

In the summer of 2022, a wonderful historic Victorian went on the market.  I bought it, hired a crew of eight people and we all had a marvelous time bringing the home back to its former glory. 

I am blessed with great health and lots of energy.  My fifties and sixties have been my happiest and most productive years.  I greatly enjoy our visiting guests who bring life and laughter. 

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